Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Back Again

Hi Everyone,
BIG apologies for not writing sooner but with holidays, me forgetting the password AND swimming lessons, things have been a little crazy here :)
The poor children in the class have been bursting to tell their latest news but we have just kept running out of time.

Well - what's new?

We started swimming lessons the first day back at school after the holidays and Mrs E was so happy that everyone remembered their swimming gear.

We have been having so much fun - even though one day we walked in the rain to get to the bus!

We have been learning about the beach and things we can do at the beach. We also are looking at some animals that live in the ocean and Safety at the beach.

We read "The Rainbow Fish" and made our own by swatting paint with a fly swatter. We made the water by painting with a balloon. Then we folded and cut our fish paper and made a symmetrical fish that we decorated. Next week we are going to write about our Rainbow Fish. Mrs E says that we are getting really good at writing things.

We read "The Deep" and painted and drew a picture of us swimming in the deep water. Then we told Mrs E about what we do at the beach and she typed it out.

We also made some turtles and had to find and count certain shapes to put on the shell.  Mrs Mc helped us make a seaweed and ocean background for our turtles.

At the collage table we were allowed to make colourful fish and beautiful blue dolphins. Some people made lovely sea horses to sit on the bottom of the ocean. We even have a crab crawing across the sand.

I hope you enjoy catching up with our news. :)

 the PP Tiny Teds