Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Worms in Pre Primary

Today we had so much fun. Miss E brought a box of worms to school for us to look at. In the morning, Mrs E showed us the box and went into the kitchen to get some worms out for us to look at - or so she said! While Miss E was teaching us a song about eating worms, Mrs E brought a plate of worms onto the mat and asked us if we wanted to join her in eating some!!! She picked Bethany and Kaleb and they ate some of the worms!!!!

What we didn't know is that they were tricking us! Mrs E had made jelly worms and told Bethany and Kaleb. They pretended to eat real worms but they were jelly ones! We were very surprised and thought it was a bit gross - especially when Mrs E put 5 in her mouth and pretended that they tasted awful!

In the afternoon, we got to see the real worms and look at them with magnifying glasses.Mrs M kept pulling faces when she was trying to catch them.

It was so much fun today. Look forward to new photos tomorrow!.