Monday, 30 July 2012

Fun with Shaving Cream!

Today Mrs M let us play with shaving cream! We wrote numbers with our fingers in the cream. It felt gooey and squishy. It was so much fun. We made a bit of a mess!

Imogen, Jordan and Eden got shaving cream everywhere.

Bethany was careful and Jack tried to write on the camera.

Mrs M said we were very clever at writing our numbers.                                                                         

Friday, 27 July 2012

Engineers in Pre Primary

Eden, Will and Ben decided to make a Spiderman jump ramp. They used the big wodden blocks and made a slope. They let the cars go at the top and they zoomed down and back up and flew off! They were very clever and the cars zoomed off into space. They showed Mrs W how it worked.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Welcome for 2012

HI and welcome to Tiny Teds 2012! We are pleased to be up and running this Semester and hope that you enjoy reading about our time in Pre Primary. We have been working really hard this year so far but haven't been blogging as Mrs E has been having a big holiday!
This Term we have a new teacher for 10 weeks and she is the lovely Miss E. We also have Mrs D in our class 1 day a week and Mrs M and Mrs W are back with us to help us learn lots. Sometimes even Mrs F comes in to help as well! So many adults but not as many as there are children :).
This Term we are learning about Australia and Australian Animals and then we will go exploring at the bottom of the garden - we might find plants or mini beasts or even fairies!