Thursday, 22 September 2011

More hardworking students

We have been busy getting things finished before the end of term. We learnt how to paint bottlebrush flowers - but used bits of cardboard instead of brushes!

Then we will put little yellow dots on the end of the red bits.

We played 'teachers' with our "star words".

We made cute possums and told Mrs E the story about Possum Magic and she typed it out for us.

We continued building our Zoos out of Lego and making signs for the animals. It is lots of fun.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Learning About Animals

This Term we have been learning a lot about all kinds of animals. We have done some amazing work too.
We learnt about camouflage and how animals can protect themselves from predators. We made our own camouflaged animals - can you see them?

There is a camouflaged dinosaur here - can you see its eye?

There is a swan hiding in this picture. All I can see is its wobbly eye.

We also learnt about animal coverings. We looked at photos of animals, animal books and plastic animals. Then we had to draw one of them in black texta. Afterwards we had to paint a piece of paper to look just like the animal's covering. When it was dry, we glued it to black card and were allowed to write the animal's name with Mrs E's new silver pen. Then we told Mrs E some things about our animal and she wrote it down for us. They look really cool hanging on the pin-up board.

On the free painting table,there were some snake pictures that looked like spirals.We used water colour paints to decorate them and then cut around it very carefully. Then Mrs E hung them up from the net and they hung down like curly snakes.

We also did some writing about the day the Farm came to visit last week. Mrs E said that we are getting really clever at writing words. We also drew and painted a picture about the farm.

We also learnt about owls. They are really special birds. Did you know that:

Their eyes aren't really as big as they look - their feathers make the eyes look bigger (Harry)
Owls have eyes at the front of their heads like humans, not at the side like other birds. (Taj)
Owls can't move their eyes to look at the side and they have to move their whole heads to look. (Ella)
Owls are nocturnal. (Emily B)
Owls eat their breakfast in the night and sleep at the day. (Will)

We made owls.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Farm Visit

What an exciting day Friday was. Firstly, it was Mrs E's birthday and Mrs S - who was on parent roster - brought in a cupcake for everyone. They were SO yummy - Emily you have a clever mum! Thank You <3.

Then we had a visit from MacDonald's travelling farm. Farmer Chris and Shannon came in and told us some things about Farm Animals and then we went out to the enclosure and had turns at patting the animals.  We were allowed to pick up the chickens if we did it properly.  We had to be very sensible and watch out that we didn't tread on the rabbits - OR the poo! eeew.

Will was patting the calf - that was so sleepy it wouldn't wake up.

Emily fed the goat.

This chicken really liked Maddie!

Callum carried this chicken very carefully.

Teia was allowed to cuddle the rabbit.

Bo fed the chickens.

The goat kept climbing up onto Eliose.

Will loved this little chicken.