Thursday, 30 June 2011

Quick Thursday news

 Today was really wet and stormy and we had to spend most of the day inside the classroom. In the morning we had an Assembly and congratulations to Indee and Josh I for getting a certificate.
After that we walked up to the Performing Arts Centre to watch a Musica Viva performance. We were too early so we had to go back to the classroom and wait a while. Then it started to rain again just as we had to go back up. Mrs E said she felt like a mother duck with all her little yellow ducks following her. The concert was amazing and we had a lot of fun listening and singing and dancing while Adam and his jazz band played. Some of the kids got to go on stage and sing a bit. Even some got to scat with Adam. 
We came back and played some games on the computer. A fun website is .Here we can learn lots about the alphabet and the sounds that letters make.

At lunch time we still had to stay inside but we all wanted to go outside --- but it kept raining. As soon as it got a bit fine we raced outside and ran around but we couldn't go on the equipment. Then BANG it started raining again.

We don't want it to rain tomorrow because we are making volcanoes and its too messy to do inside.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Budding Palaeontologists

Today we were Palaeontologists. We searched for fossils and played with dinosaurs. We wrote about dinosaurs and finished making some very special fossils of our own - they look REAL.






Here are some of the fossils we made. Don't they look very real?

Tomorrow will be fun because after Assembly we are going to a Musica Viva concert in our theatre. We have been learning about different instruments and will be able to see some then.
On Friday it will be interesting too because we are going to make our volcanoes errupt! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wet and Windy Tuesday

Today the weather was AMAZING! It rained and thundered and there were puddles everywhere. Some of us got stuck in puddles on the way to school.
We have finished our dinosaur drawings and writing about meeting a dinosaur. Here are some to show you.

Did you notice us in our pictures? Some of us would be scared and others would be happy. Maddie would be surprised!
Most of us would run away, but Connor would play and Charlie and Indee would ride on its back.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Museum Visit

On Thursday we went to visit the Museum and see the dinosaur bones and learn about fossils and other dinosaur things. First we went on the bus and it took a long time. We were very excited. When we got to the Museum, we got into groups with the parent helpers and went to explore the museum. We went to a part where there were lots of things that we could touch and look at. It was amazing.

Eloise was very brave to stand next to the Killer Whale skull in the touching room.

Dakota, Emily, Abby and Lucy loved jamming at the ACDC exhibition.

Ella and Teia found fossils and a skeleton.

Harry found lots of animals - including a big snake!

In the special classroom, the girls brushed away dirt just like a real paleaontologist and found a fossil.

Mrs MB helped us make fossils in the special classroom.

Ryan looked pretty small against the big dinosaur skeleton.

Shannon wasn't too sure about the Killer Whale skull.

We had a great day and on the way home we were very tired. Some kids even fell asleep!

Indee - asleep as usual :-)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wonders of Wednesday

Today we had an interesting day. In the morning, we went to the Undercover Area to watch the Year 2s parade their costumes for One World Day. Each child had to go to the microphone and show us their costume and tell us what country they came from. Some of them even said hullo in their special language. Then the 2 classes sang a song and we joined in when they sang "We Are the World". Some of the teachers cried when Maren sang a bit by herself.

Mrs E put some dinosaurs in cups of water and froze them. When they were really hard, she broke the cup away and it looked like an ice rock. Then we were allowed to be paelaentoligists and chip the ice away to find the dinosaurs. We had to put goggles on to protect our eyes and gloves on because the ice was really cold. We had to be careful of ice popping out of the container. It was fun.

Indee tried to hit the ice but it kept slipping around.

She discovered a blue diplodocus.

Emily discovered a strange green and yellow dinosaur.

Eloise was in the Discovery Centre tapping the limestone rocks with her little hammer. Then she looked at them with the Magnifying Glass.

Mrs E bought some crayons that drew on windows and mirrors. Shannon and Emily had a great time making pictures and swirls. When it was clean up time, Mrs E was a bit worried - but it all came off.

Matthew was a brave fireman and raced to put out the fire.

Connor made this cool superman at lunchtime.

At 2.30 we went to visit the Year 5 classes to see the fantastic animal enclosures they had made. They were amazing.

We are all excited because we are going to the museum tomorrow and are going on a big bus ride. Some of us have never been on a bus before!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday already!

Today we started talking about dinosaurs. Yesterday we told Mrs D what we knew about dinosaurs and what we wanted to know. Today Mrs E was back and she started helping us find some answers to our questions. We looked at pictures of fossils and Mrs E talked about how they are made. She told us that we are going to make some pretend fossils but they will look so real that we can trick our mums and dads.
We have a Discovery Centre where the big blocks used to be and we have lots of interesting things in there. We can be palaeontologists at the table and use a little hammer and brush to try to find fossils inside the limestone rocks. We have to wear safety goggles and try not to hit our fingers!
We looked at lots of pictures of dinosaur bones and played a game on the smartboard at it was like concentration but with eggs instead of cards.

We had to pretend that we saw a real dinosaur and Mrs E took a photo of us. Tomorrow she will do something special with the photo and we will have to tell her what we would think and do if it was true.

Charlie and Ryan look like they are scared to see the big dinosaur looking at them.

We are looking forward to Thursday because we are going with PP1 to visit the Perth Museum and look at the dinosaur skeletons and fossils.

Today Mrs E let us get messy with paint. She told Mrs M to put some purple and orange paint in a tray and let us squish it with our hands and fingers. It felt gooey and slippery and cold and smooth. It was SO much fun! After we had played we had to write our names in the paint and take a print of it by putting paper over the tray and pushing it onto the paint. Even though we wrote our names the right way, it came out back-to-front on the paper. If we wanted to read it we had to hold it up to the mirror.

Olivia drew a dinosaur in the tray before she wrote her name.

Eloise got nice and messy :-)

Then Mrs E told Indee and Maddie how to use the camera. They walked around the classroom and took 87 photos! here are some they took.
Ruby's drawing for her mum.

Geoffrey Bear being a model.

Indee and Abby with some of our class bears.

Tomorrow will be interesting as we keep working on our paintings of dinosaurs, learn about the letters Uu and Ll, count insects and learn to play some more games on the smartboard.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday Thoughts

We are all wanting Mrs E to take photos of things that we can put on the blog and she is getting really busy so today she decided to teach some of us how to use the camera carefully. This means that if we do something great we can ask if we can take a photo ourselves or get one of the class photographers to take it. Today Danniella was the class photographer.

We have learnt a lot about Life Cycles and Insects and we had to draw, paint and decorate a butterfly. Then we had to tell Mrs W about butterflies and she wrote down what we said. Our butterflies look amazing.

Harry took a lot of time and care drawing and painting his butterfly. Can you see how the right side is almost the same as the left side - just like a real butterfly?

Jamee is proud of her beautiful butterfly.

After the paint was dry we were allowed to stick glittery things and jewels over the wings and body. Ruby is being very careful here.

Here are some of our finished butterflies. Next we have to glue them onto black paper and then glue our writing to the bottom of the sheet.

At lunch time, Connor was pretending to be a koala in a tree. He stayed there for a long time and Mrs N thought he was really asleep!

Will and Zak wanted to show you their block construction and Mia and Emily wanted you to see their Lego construction. Thank you Danniella for taking some of these photos.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yummy Wednesday

Today it was cold and rainy again. We made ourselves warm by making yummy vegetable soup. First we looked at lots of different vegetables and had to tell Mrs E what they were. No-one knew what the parsnip was but Harry guessed that it might be a raddish because it looked a bit like one. We had parsnips, turnips, carrots, butternut pumpkin, Queensland Blue pumpkin, celery, zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and onions. For the soup we also had soup mix, chicken stock and pasta shells.
We got into groups and washed our hands. Then the adult gave us a knife, a plate and some vegetables to chop. Did yoou know that when you make soup and cut the vegies it's called dicing? We had to be VERY careful when we used the knives.
While we were cutting the vegies, Mrs N put some water, soup mix and chicken stock into three big pots and put them onto the stove top. We weren't allowed to go near them because they got very hot. When we had finished dicing the vegetables, Mrs E and Mrs N put them into the pot of boiling water. Mrs E took a video of the boiling soup so that we could see what was happening without getting burnt. Mrs M looked into the pot and couldn't see because her glasses got all fogged up!

Emily showed Callum how to cut the vegetables and he did a really great job. The celery was easy to cut.

Mrs E said that Sam was amazing at dicing. She said that she couldn't do it as good.

Ruby was very careful not to spill her vegetables.

Ella and Shannon cut up lots of sweet potato and zucchini.

When all the vegies were cut up they looked great. We were happy because Mrs E said we could eat any raw vegies we wanted to taste before we put them into the pots.

After computer and Phys Ed we came back into the classroom and tasted the soup. We all had to have at least one taste - and everyone liked it. We were allowed to have seconds if we wanted.

Mr C, our PE teacher, was happy that we asked him to stay for lunch. He said we were clever cooks. Maybe we should be MasterChefs!


After the soup we went out to eat some lunch and have a play. SUDDENLY a big storm came and it started to rain and blow and hail.

                                     Rain and hail in the playground.

What a yummy day we had. We can make the soup at home too because we all told our adult helpers how to make the soup and they wrote it down for us. Mrs E called it "Pot Luck" soup!