Tuesday, 30 August 2011


What a beautiful day we had for our Zoo excursion. It was warm and sunny and all the animals were out enjoying the spring sunshine (a little early). We had SO many parent helpers that it was a stress free day with plenty of learning going on.
While we were in the room with Claire, the parents enjoyed a coffee and we learned a lot about animal coverings.

When we arrived at the Zoo, we had a quick morning tea to get us fit for the day.

When we went into the Education room we learnt a lot about animal coverings with Claire.

We felt the pelt of a tiger.  It was very old and fragile and we had to be super gentle in case it broke. Claire tucked the legs in under the body part.

Bo had the dried body of a seahorse to sort.

Harry got to feel a shark's egg.

We were allowed to stroke Big Boy - a lizard. We had to be careful to rub from the head to the tail so we didn't hurt the scales.

Indee, Emily, Abby and Emily found a friend at the zoo.

We had a wonderful day and were very tired on the bus trip home. :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Working Hard

Well where has the time gone? It's the 24th already and we are looking forward togoing to the Zoo tomorrow. Thankfully the weather forcast is for a fine, warm day.  Last year when we went it rained all day!
We have been busy working hard and learning to read and we have started taking reading books home. There is great excitement amongst the children as they have "real homework" at last. I wonder how long that will last.
Our class photographers have been busy and here are some of the children -

We have been learning about sorting and classifying and making patterns:

Mrs E read us a story about Joseph and his colourful coat. Joseph had lots of brothers but his dad liked him the best. His big brothers got jealous when the dad gave him a colourful coat.  We traced a Joseph body and then traced our hand and made a colourful coat for him to put on.

On Tuesday we all had to look at a map of Australia and then try tocopy it. It was hard but Mrs E said she was very proud of what we did. Then we had to scrunch paper and put it around our map.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Busy Times

We were SO busy on Friday that we ran out of time to write the blog so I promised the class that I would post something on the weekend.
A big congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make our Assembly a success - it's very daunting for these little teds to get up in front of over 200 children (and about the same number of parents! ;p ) and I was SO proud of everyone.

We sang  about being Australian and the trio at the front did an amazing job with the verses - yep parents....I saw the tears!

Some of us showed our work.

And when it was all over - guess who fell asleep again?

Apparently the big teddy was keeping her legs warm - according to Harry. :)

Have a great weekend.  love Mrs E.  <3

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Assembly Day !

Today was the day we were all excited about - our Class Assembly. We have worked really hard at learning our songs, actions and words. Mrs E,Mrs M,MrsW and Mrs N have worked hard too.

Before we talk about our Assembly we would like to show you some things we've been doing.

Mrs E bought a new drawing board and we have been trying it out.

We all made an Australian Flag for our Assembly item.

We learnt about Sorting -

We did some weighing with Minties -

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Planting Trees

Today was very exciting because we got to do tree planting at the back of the hill. We came to school in our old tree planting clothes and had old boots and gumboots too. First we had Assembly practise and then we put on gardening gloves, got our little trowels and diggers and walked down to the planting area.
There we met some adults who told us what we had to do. Then we joined with a Year 4 kid, got a plant, fertiliser tablet, some sticks and a plastic protector.

This is what the area looked like when we first got there this morning - it's no wonder there are no birds living there.

We all walked down to the area. We didn't wear our hats because we had so much to worry about and we weren't going to be there very long. Also it was supposed to rain while we were there. But it was sunny and we had sunscrean on.

The ladies showed us the seedlings and let us have one each to start with.

We carefully dug a hole -

Some of the seedlings needed a fertiliser tablet in the bottom of the hole to feed the plant. The Kangaroo Paws didn't though.

We carefully put the seedling into the hole and filled the hole back in with soil.

Then we had to put a special protector around the plant. This will save the plant from getting eaten by the rabbits and kangaroos. It will also protect it from the strong winds.

Some of the bigger kids climbed on the hill and planted trees there.

When we finished it looked really great and we are very proud of our planting to help the Carnaby Cockatoos - what do you think?

After we had left, the school gardeners came and watered all our plants. We will check on them next week

After lunch we had a rest and Indee and Connor fell asleep because they were so tired from all the planting. The rest of us will sleep well tonight!  Mrs E, Mrs M and Mrs W all said that they will have to go to bed early too!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


What a busy time we have had at school! We are practising our Assembly Item for next Thursday and doing lots of activities as well.  Tomorrow the whole primary school is going to be busy planting 3,000 trees and it will be a lot of fun.  We are allowed to wear our old 'treeplanting' clothes to school and also our gumboots. We are trying to make our school have lots of trees to make the Carnaby Cockatoos come back to live here. The Carnaby Cockatoos are nearly extinct because people keep knocking down the places where they can live safely. Mrs E is happy because we have to plant even if it is raining and she said she likes playing in the mud.Lots of the boys want it to keep raining! Some ofthe girls do too.
We are looking forward to showing you photos of the tree planting day.