Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hi and welcome to Term  3. Don't ask me where the year has gone!!!. It was great to see all "my kids" back and smiling yesterday. Then when I looked around I saw that they weren't all back! Some of them are still enjoying their holidays!
I trust that everyone had/has a safe and enjoyable holiday and that all are ready to tackle Term 3 with joy and enthusiasm.
I am excited because we are concentrating on learning about Australia and what a beautiful and special place it is to live.  I also look forward to listening to each child sing me  Advance Australia Fair and I get to learn a few "new" lyrics ;)
We will be visiting the Zoo this Term, which is always fun and we get a visit from MacDonald's  farm where we can pat and cuddle the baby animals.
Our Class Assembly is set for week 3 and although nerve-racking, is always exciting.
I purchased a new "kid friendly" camera on the holidays and you can look forward to some interesting photos as the children learn to use it correctly!
Cheers >:) Mrs E.

Today we did the next part to our dinosaur prints. We painted them with orange and yellow edicol dye and they look amazing - what do you think?

Shannon and Taj were at the whiteboard and Taj drew this picture of him and Shannon playing together.

Mrs E drew a picture ofAustralia and we had to paint it with water colour paints. Then we drew a picture of ourselves, cut it out and glued it onto the map of Australia. Then we had to tell Mrs E some of the things we know about Australia. She wrote them around the map. Tomorrow Mrs E is going to put a little Australian Flag in our hands. Ella is very proud of her work.

Friday, 8 July 2011

It's Friday

Well sorry to all those who were waiting to see what we were going to do with our dinosaur prints! Poor Mrs M was away so we have to wait until next term to finish them! We had a great end of term day today. The Music Assembly was awesome and Mrs E had tears in her eyes because the singing was so beautiful. We want to be in the Glee Club and the choir too.

Some of us got to use the camera again to show everyone what we've been doing. We hope you enjoy the photos. You can see a bit of what happens in the afternoon.

Young Architects.

Making a tower.

Painting some spines for Dazzle.

More towers.

Monkey Business.

More Dazzle Spikes.

Designing with the Lego.

Indee is tired and ready for the holidays!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog this term and we can't wait to share more things with you in Term 3 - that's AFTER we have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Today was beautiful weather and we had lots of interesting things to do. Wednesday is good because we get to go to the computer lab for a lesson.  We continued our printmaking with Mrs M today and we are up to step 5.

Step 5: Carefully roll black paint all over our dinosaurs.

Step 6: Put a piece of paper over the black paint and gently rub it all over. BE CAREFUL not to move it.

Step 7: Gently lift up the paper and Presto you have a beautiful print of your dinosaur!  Just like Danniella and Jamee.

We thought we had finished but we have one more thing to do tomorrow. Mrs M wouldn't tell us what it is - we have to wait to find out.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and see what we get to do.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday News

Today it was pretty cold but still sunny, so we had fun outside in the playground. Some of us made a concert and sang and danced for Mrs E while she was on duty. She said we were very good.
With Mrs M we are doing print making. First we drew a dinosaur in black texta. Then we glued lots of things on it to give an interesting texture. Tomorrow we will be rolling black paint over the dinosaurs and taking a print. Here is what we have done so far -

1. Draw a dinosaur outline.

2. Glue some texture onto the dinosaur shape.

3. Cut out the shape carefully.

4.  Glue the shape onto an A4 piece of cartridge.

        We will show you the next steps tomorrow :-).

Friday, 1 July 2011

Fantastic Friday the First

Today we got to make our volcanoes. We asked Mrs E to make sure she puts the recipe on the blog so we can make some more at home.
This is what we did -
  • First we made our volcano shapes out of drink bottles, paper plates, alfoil and masking tape.
  • Secondly the adults got all the ingredients and utensils together. We needed Carb Soda, vinegar, hot water, dishwashing liquid and food colouring. Then a plastic container, a funnel, a straw, a foam cup, a measuring jug and a dessert spoon
  • Thirdly we put some drops of food colouring into our "bottle volcanoes" using the straw as a dropper and also added a tip of dishwashing liquid. Then we put our volcanoes under our chairs to do the next step.
  • Fourthly we put 4 dessert spoons of Carb Soda into our plastic container and measured out enough warm water to 3/4 fill our bottles. (Mrs E already worked that out and had put a black mark on the jug so that we knew how much water to put in). We carefully poured the water into our containers and stirred it a little bit.
  • Then we carefully poured that mixture into our "bottle volcanoes" using a funnel so it didn't spill.
  • Then we carefully carried our volcanoes outside and sat in a group.
  • Then our adult gave us a foam cup with vinegar in it. We poured the vinegar into our volcano and FIZZ it came up and bubbled over. It was really cool.

Abby and Jamee are measuring the drops of food colouring very carefully.

Will is carefully counting out 4 dessert spoons of Carb Soda into his container.

Mrs M helped Emily to pour some dishwashing liquid into her volcano.

After we mixed the Carb Soda and warm water, we poured the mixture into our volcano using a funnel. We had to be very careful. Danniella and Sam are doing a great job here.

Then we poured the vinegar into the top of the volcano. It fizzed out and looked cool. Olivia had blue lava - it might be from Iceland!

                          Cooper's fizzed out and made a big erruption.

                     Charlie shook his volcano and it spurted all over Indee!

After we made our erruptions, the adults had a turn. They made their volcanoes a bit differently. They made theirs out of a foam cup, alfoil and a paper plate. They put 4 spoonfulls of Carb Soda into the volcano. Then they put vinegar, food colouring and detergent into a container. Then they carefully poured the mixture into their volcanoes. FIZZ! Up it errupted!

Lastly, Mrs E made a bigger volcano. She made a volcano shape out of cardboard and put it over a bottle of Diet Coke. She took the lid off and quickly added 5 Mentos lollies - it spurted everywhere!

Now we are all cleaned up and ready to take our volcanoes home to show mum and dad!