Monday, 13 August 2012

Today we had some very special visitors to our class. We had a koala, a dingo, a German Shepherd and some Pythons. We were allowed to pat the koala very gently.
Did you know that a baby koala is called a joey? Baby koalas start out the same size as a jelly bean. They first only drink their mum's milk. Then they eat the mum's poo!!! This helps them get ready to be able to eat gumleaves.

We also saw a special white dingo. He was really tame and we were allowed to pat his back.

Did you know that a dingo is Australia's wild dog? White dingoes, like this one, are rare.

Then we saw a Simpson's Python. We were allowed to touch it gently and pat it as long as we moved our hand down the snake from head to tail. If we went the other way it would have hurt it because the scales would pull up. Some of us even put the snake around our neck!

We learnt so many interesting things about these animals. :)

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